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Converting a HyperCard stack to MetaCard

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How to Access MetaCard Features and Scripts

Throughout this tutorial, references are made to various tools and actions that require some knowledge of how to operate MetaCard. Instructions for accomplishing some of these actions are listed in the table below. If you are unfamiliar with the MetaCard program, you may want to print out this page for reference. That way, when the instructions tell you to "edit the card script," you will know how to get to it.

The Control Browser is a very useful MetaCard tool that gives you immediate access to all stack objects, their scripts, and their properties, whether the object is visible on the card or not. In all cases throughout this tutorial where access directions to an object's script or properties are suggested, you may use the Control Browser instead, and in most cases it is the easiest way. The Control Browser is located under MetaCard's Tools menu. A few alternate shortcuts are given in the table below primarily for reference, because many of them are identical to HyperCard's.

Note for Runtime Revolution users: Runtime Revolution uses different access techniques. See the Runtime Revolution documentation for more specific information on accessing scripts and tools.


Action MetaCard Shortcut
Edit the current card script Cmd-Option-C
Edit the stack script Cmd-Option-S
Edit a field, button, or other object script Choose arrow tool -> Cmd-Option-click the object
(while in the correct layer)
Close and save a script Enter key
Click OK button
Close a script without saving Cmd-Option click in the script window
Click Cancel button
Edit an object's properties
(field, button, image, graphic, etc.)
Choose arrow tool -> double-click object
Select object with arrow tool -> Tools Menu -> Object Properties
Edit stack or card properties Tools Menu -> Stack or Card Properties
Enter background editing mode Edit Menu -> Backgrounds... (Cmd-T) -> Select bg name -> Click Edit
start editing bg bgReference in message box
Leave background editing mode Edit Menu -> Stop Editing BG (Cmd-T)
stop editing bg bgReference in message box
Edit a background (group) script Cmd-Option-click group with arrow tool
edit script of bg bgReference in message box
Show message box Click Message button on Home card
Type Cmd-M while MetaCard's menus are active

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