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One-click iOS app distribution for LiveCode and Mac OS X

It used to be that you had to cable your iOS device to a Mac and use XCode to transfer your apps for testing. When Apple introduced ad-hoc distribution of iOS apps over wi-fi, third-party solutions popped up everywhere. They all involve connecting to a web site (and trusting them with your data,) or using XCode to first create the distribution files, or other methods that involve more than should be necessary when you're working in a versatile, scripted environment like LiveCode.

It seemed obvious that a one-click tool like AirLaunch was required. We shouldn't need to leave our development environment to create files. LiveCode is very good at creating files all by itself.

Thus AirLaunch was born, a LiveCode plugin that eliminates all those outside apps, keeps your standalone securely in your own hands, requires no iTunes, XCode, or third-party web sites, and allows you to easily install your iOS test apps over wi-fi. It works with your own server or with any other web site that allows you to upload and retrieve files.

AirLaunch manages all the files needed to transfer your app to the device. With one click it creates:

  • Your standalone application, saved in Apple’s ipa format.
  • The required manifest file.
  • An HTML file you will open on your device to install the app.

To set up, just select your standalone, choose a folder on your hard drive, and enter a URL on your server. Then click a button.

AirLaunch FTP

AirLaunch provides a built-in FTP client that will upload all the files for you, so there's no need to leave LiveCode.

Your 10 last-used server logins are stored securely with SSL, so you only have to enter them once. After that, choose it from the list.

Customize the HTML files

AirLaunch creates a basic, serviceable HTML file, but you'll probably want to customize it to match your web site and give it a little more character. You can easily export the template, edit it to look any way you want, and then toggle its use on and off at any time with a checkbox.

We made it because we needed it

Like many tools, AirLaunch was created because we needed something like it. If you develop for iOS in LiveCode, you probably do too.

Keep it in your plugins folder for easy access at the end of a project when you may be doing multiple builds per day. It's awfully convenient to just click a button or two and be able to see your app on your device immediately.

For answers to the most common questions about AirLaunch, see the FAQ.

AirLaunch requires Mac OS X and the LiveCode Commercial edition. It is incompatible with the free LiveCode Community edition and will not run there. As of March 2017, AirLaunch no longer works with Dropbox due to changes in Dropbox policy.


Purchase AirLaunch with Paypal or a credit card for $49.00 USD