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One-click iOS app distribution for LiveCode and Mac OS X

AirLaunch is a plugin for the LiveCode IDE that gives you one-click app distribution for testing or in-house distribution of your Apple iOS apps. After building your iOS standalone normally, AirLaunch will generate the required .ipa file, a manifest file, and an HTML file—everything you need to immediately transfer your app to your testing devices over wi-fi.

There is no need to connect any cables, interface with iTunes, access a third-party web site, or anything else. AirLaunch is a one-click solution for iOS app distribution that requires nothing more than the LiveCode IDE you are already working in and a wi-fi connection.

AirLaunch will optionally upload the files to your server for immediate access by you or your customers. It remembers the last 10 server locations you used, so you can easily switch between different mobile app locations. Your server URLs and passwords are stored securely using SSL so you only need to enter them once.

AirLaunch is particularly suited for Dropbox users as well. After creating the files, just drag them to your Dropbox folder and email your customers with the public URL. AirLaunch remembers the last 10 distribution URLs as well, so multiple server locations are easily managed. Just choose one from the list and click a button.

AirLaunch features

  • Automatic, one-click creation of all files required for ad-hoc distribution.
  • Auto-detection and auto-fill for all of Apple's required manifest info; just choose your standalone.
  • Upload URLs and server login credentials are securely stored for easy management of multiple standalones.
  • Works with either your server or your Dropbox account, so you can choose the download location that's best for your customers.
  • Automatic generation of the download URL, just click to copy and send it to your users.
  • An exportable HTML template allows you to customize the page to match your web site.
  • Complete documentation is readily accessible directly from the plugin.

AirLaunch requires Mac OS X and the LiveCode Commercial edition. It is incompatible with the free LiveCode Community edition and will not run there.


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